In 1.5, to get a full url to ones camping app, you had to do:

this_url = 'http:' + URL('/some_action').to_s

Useful, for instance, in my openid consumer sample code, to give the openid doodad a return address

But in camping 1.9 off jud's gems, URL now returns actual url's with http: and everything at their fronts, which is rather snazzy... but breaking. Iunno, I kinda like this new fancy URL method that returns real URL's O_o

Jud's gem's session.rb still is including the IP address in the session hashing. I don't think we should recommend anyone use those gems till it's updated, I can only imagine how painfully frustrating it must be for user's in ISP's using AOL style load balanced transparent proxies who no matter what they do, can't get cookie session support to work in camping, with no errors or explanations.
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