In order to create the necessary tables you'll have to run
The prefered way is define a create-method like this:

def Blogtiny.create

All servers or setups using Camping should then call Blogtiny.create on
startup after the app is loaded (so yes, you still have to call this

//Magnus Holm

On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 16:35, Dave Everitt <> wrote:

> Many attempts (3 days now) to get even a single sqlite3 example running...
> I've got a little further by creating the database file from the sqlite3
> shell. Now the app connects to an empty db and I get:
> ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid SQLite3::SQLException: no such table:
> blogtiny_posts: SELECT * FROM "blogtiny_posts" :
> I am I right to expect that Camping will create the necessary tables when
> run as CGI?
>  Weird. I've used sqlite3 on the SQLite which follows with 10.4 earlier.
>> Could you paste the code you use to connect to the database?
>> //Magnus Holm
>>  I'm running it as a cgi app (no problem with Camping itself, just any
>>> apps that need sqlite3) under Apache, OS X 10.4.11... sqlite 3.1.3 (the one
>>> that comes with the system and OS X uses)?
>>> Dave Everitt
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