Hi Magnus,

On 17jun, 2010, at 21:04 , Magnus Holm wrote:

> Hey Raimon,
> I see that you've been experimenting with Camping and Reststop lately,
> and just thought I should chime in a bit.
> You definitely don't *need* Reststop in order to achieve what you
> want, so it might be a good idea to just leave Reststop until it gets
> a little more robust. Let's see how we can tackle your problem with
> Camping only:

Thanks for your code.

It's true that if I can do what I want with fewer tools/gems, it's a better 
starter, and once I'm confident I can go further.

> That's (hopefully) the simplest way to generate XML with Camping.


> You still need to create a model to store/retrieve the data. Before we
> can help you here, we need to know a few things: Is it going to fetch
> data from a specific place, or should it create its own database (from
> scratch)? Any specific database you want to use?

Not sure yet, but maybe Sqlite or PostgreSQL. Normally I use PostgreSQL for all 
of my RoR projects, but in this case Sqlite would be simpler.

The initial data will come from some xml files but I can update the database 
from another file with Ruby code. In some examples of Camping they just created 
the database but I couldn't find where they are storing it ...

So, the best option is to provide to Camping an existing SQLite database.

> Here's a Pastie with all the code: http://pastie.org/1008983 (Should
> work on any version of Camping).

thanks, it works and it's very simple :-)

Now I'm playing with your code and examples, thanks again!



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