On 17jun, 2010, at 21:04 , Magnus Holm wrote:

> That's (hopefully) the simplest way to generate XML with Camping.
> You still need to create a model to store/retrieve the data. Before we
> can help you here, we need to know a few things: Is it going to fetch
> data from a specific place, or should it create its own database (from
> scratch)? Any specific database you want to use?
> Here's a Pastie with all the code: http://pastie.org/1008983 (Should
> work on any version of Camping).

I'm trying to adapt your pastie to use a sqlite databse, but I'm having some 
errors that I can't see ...

Here's a Pastie with all code: http://pastie.org/1009797

I'm just trying to create with code a simple table called Persons with some 
fields but ...


Also,  I can't find where is creating the database ...



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