Hey campers!

I think it's about time to release Camping 2.1, which features:

* Support for other template engines (Haml, ERB, etc) out of the box
* No longer depends on ActiveRecord (this was a bug)
* Camping.options is now a Hash where you can put all sorts of
configuration stuff
* Camping::Server now uses Rack::Server (got rid of some code)
* See all changes here: http://github.com/camping/camping/compare/2.0...master


There's still one thing I want to improve before we release 2.1
though, and that is the website. Currently it only redirects to the
RDoc, but I believe we can do better.

Checkout this: http://whywentcamping.judofyr.net/ (also see the GitHub
repo for some more information:

Better? Worse? You tell me :-)

Have a look at the issues I'm aware of
(http://github.com/camping/whywentcamping.com/issues) and please add
your own too.

// Magnus Holm
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