Thanks Magnus! I love the idea of working on the web site for 2.1.
I am still not crazy about the web site name though - as it is not easy for people to remember if they don't know the connection with _why. I personally would have preferred or something linking Camping to Ruby somehow. But if everyone prefers that name I am fine with that.

A couple ideas for the site:

   * Keep the home page simple with all content fitting within 1280 x 1024
   * Use a catchy design (need some help here)
   * Accentuate that Camping is about Ruby (maybe also include the ruby
     logo somewhere)
   * Have a brief note about the connection to _why and a link to a
     page explaining the history of Camping with further links to
     _why's other sites
   * Encourage people to try it by capitalizing on some of Camping's
         o Fast to learn - requires only basic Ruby skills
         o Much simpler than Rails but more structure than Sinatra/Padrino
         o Lightning fast and memory efficient allowing fast and
           efficient sites
         o Can evolve from simple file to organized directory structure
         o Can layer in more features later using persistence and
           choice of view engines
   * How about using some kind of an animated (auto advancing)
     slideshow to highlight some of the benefits? See an example at:
   * How about a page on learning with a link to the book as well as a
     list of links for other tutorials or short explanations on key
     topics (e.g. how to do migrations, how to use include/extend, how
     to use different view engines, etc.)?
   * How about a page about plugins with some brief description of
     their intent?
   * I would love for us to include _why's cartoons in some of the sub
     pages ;-)

Who would be interested in working together on the site?
Could we do a couple graphic mockups of the main page? How should we exchange them? Via the mailing list? I am ready and excited to help with that. I think it would be great to launch the site in time for _Why Day (Aug 19th)!


On 6/30/2010 5:08 AM, Magnus Holm wrote:
Hey campers!

I think it's about time to release Camping 2.1, which features:

* Support for other template engines (Haml, ERB, etc) out of the box
* No longer depends on ActiveRecord (this was a bug)
* Camping.options is now a Hash where you can put all sorts of
configuration stuff
* Camping::Server now uses Rack::Server (got rid of some code)
* See all changes here:


There's still one thing I want to improve before we release 2.1
though, and that is the website. Currently it only redirects to the
RDoc, but I believe we can do better.

Checkout this: (also see the GitHub
repo for some more information:

Better? Worse? You tell me :-)

Have a look at the issues I'm aware of
( and please add
your own too.

// Magnus Holm
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