I've converted the camping account into an organization (see
http://github.com/blog/674-introducing-organizations), which means
that it's a lot easier to manage it. There's currently two teams at
the moment:

Owners: These have full admin access (can create repos etc.)
- Magnus
- Philippe

Developers: These can push to all the repos at github.com/camping
- Magnus
- Philippe
- busbey
- Dave Everitt
- zuk
- zimbatm

I'm *very* open to add more users to the developers team. Just say
what you intend to do (on the mailing list), and I'll add you.

If you have a Camping related project which you would like to host
under github.com/camping, just ask on the mailing list and we'll
create a repo for you.

(This should be added to the wiki in the near future)

// Magnus Holm
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