Since no-one has replied, for what it's worth (as a very amateur camper), I've always been happy with simple regular Markaby views and the v2.1 options for external templates. Also, my modest one-file apps have their CSS after __END__. In any sizeable app, you'd probably want to have separate templates for easier maintenance (since - if inline - their code is going to add more than a few lines and break the one-file advantages), so the question is: will anyone use/want inline templates? - DaveE

On 25 Aug 2011, at 19:04, Magnus Holm wrote:

Another feature! Inline templates:

  module App::Controllers
    get '/' do
      @title = "My Perfect App"
      render :index

  @@ index.erb
  Welcome to <%= @title %>

What'd you think? Keep or throw away? It costs us 184 bytes at the moment.

// Magnus Holm

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