It's been implemented 
 but I don't think the current released version of Camping has it. Try `gem 
install camping --source` for a newer (pre-release) version.
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                        Re: Feature: Inline templates?
From: gurugeek <>

                Sunday, August 12, 2012 at 5:15PM


 Hello I was searching inline templates on camping and found this old topic on 
the mailing list with the example from Magnus. I think it looks great and could 
be useful but I assume this was not implemented. Any plan to add this ? :-)

Best Regards


 Another feature! Inline templates:    module App::Controllers     get 
'/' do       @title = "My Perfect App"       render :index    
 end   end    __END__   @@ index.erb   Welcome to <%= @title %>  
What'd you think? Keep or throw away? It costs us 184 bytes at the moment.  
// Magnus Holm


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