Hello again,
the closed beta is now live at http://1.ai
The system has been tested with Camping, Sinatra, PHP and even Dancer
(albeit it needs some manual configuration as the system has been primarily
designed for camping or other rack based apps) and everything seems to be
working fine.

Upon signup both a yourname.dotgeek.org and yourname.1.ai are created
together with the SFTP account and the MySQL database.
There is a pre-defined camping app already loaded (e.g. http://hulk.1.ai or
http://hulk.dotgeek.org) so it is sufficient to replace that/modify
config.ru, drop the files, restart (through the webinterface after login)
and run.

To signup you need an invitation key which I will be happy to supply if you
email me off-list. The invitation key is required to restrict membership
during the open beta and avoid any abuse.

Thanks in advance for helping/testing during the beta. I do really look
forward to your feedback.

Best Regards
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