Just a short update regarding the free hosting (I hope this is not too annoying 
but I received several emails from uses that saw this on the list so it could 
be interesting): we have now updated the system with more RAM and solid state 
drives. We have also removed the invitation key so everyone can apply at 
http://1.ai (provided that something that makes sense is written in the about 
you/motivation field. If you read this mailing list just note that and it will 
be fine - accounts are activated daily). 

The whole system is written in Camping + Bash and it was a bit of a challenge 
but also a lot of fun to learn the camping way to do things :)

Yet this is just free hosting ..so what is new ? Well we were thinking to make 
the service more special by adding an automatic live sync of user space (and 
all the relevant apps) in 2 more servers. This will include the mysql database 
if needed so for example if your app is at campingapp.1.ai it will 
automatically be live synched in 2 separate servers so for example 
campingapp.1.ai campingapp.2.ai campingapp.3.ai and the main domain 
campingapp.dotgeek.org will automatically switch in case that a server becomes 

What do you think about this ?  It is probably not needed for most programmers 
that just want a space to try out things so we could also simply have a regular 
backup on S3 and similar services but it would certainly be something that, as 
far as I know, nobody offers ?

Thanks and 
Best Regards

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