definitely +1 for this! Although I'm guessing my workload is similar to many others on this list (and my skills are *never* likely to reach the Ruby ninja stage), so a long deadline, and/or a bit of promotion on other Ruby sites/lists to ensure there are enough entries? Interaction can also cover games/art/interactive fiction etc. Perhaps also something along the lines of 'best single-file app under 500 lines' (including css etc.). Without wider publicity, though (e.g. somehow via the various 'Ruby learning' sites, or a guest spot on Carsonified or Talentopoly or somewhere with a large Ruby-friendly user base?) would this list alone attract enough entries? - DaveE

Thanks to Jenna for the valuable feedback. Posting now under a separate topic to brainstorm ideas for a camping programming competition/contest :)

What needs to be decided:

a) Theme and Jury

The theme options are to give something to code within a certain amount of time e.g. x days to complete a certain app that is the same for all the participants. More tricky but possible is to have a more open format and allow participants to craft what they want within certain boundaries (e.g. should use camping, should be a small app etc.)

I am far from knowing enough about camping to be part of a jury but a I know someone that can join as a jury - any more volunteers? Or should it be judged by visitors /other users ?

b) Prizes (will be sponsored by David)
Obviously a competition is mostly for the fun of it but some prizes can help to get more attention.
Suggestions are welcome ! ideas:
1st prize a tablet (e.g. ipad) or in the similar price range ? 2nd and 3rd price any suggestion ? As alternative a gift certificates for or something from there..or books (amazon gift certificates)

c) Interaction: for the competition the best live interaction would probably be in IRC but forums can be used too.

Last but not least as camping is a community project who is +1 or -1 for such an event :) ?
Thanks in advance for your feedback

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