I've updated the gist with my next version:


It works as I wanted but for now I left out the styling.

My question is, is this the correct way of setting up routes?
Can someone have a look and point out mistakes I've made. I mean the app works, but I'd like to know
if (of better yet, how) the routing or anything else can be optimized.

Secondly, when I'm done I'll need this to be running in a closed network. I'd need some advice on deployment. I can run it on a spare machine or a server even, but how what kind of configuration is required (ports, databases)...?


On 19. 04. 2014 13:22, Sebastjan Hribar wrote:

I have a couple of questions:

1. What is the difference between these two ways of setting up migrations:

1.1 example from the camping book:
|class BasicFields < V 1.0|
|||def self.up| |||create_table Page.table_name do |t|| |.| |.| |.|

1.2 Example from the blog example:
 class BasicFields < V 1.1
      def self.up
        create_table :blog_posts, :force => true do |t|

Why the difference between <Model.table_name> and <:campingapp_model> and which one should I use?

2. UTF-8 encoding doesn't work. Special characters like c(, s(, z( from my language are not displayed. Should I force the encoding and how?

3. Here is the link to the gist where I've posted my first camping app skeleton for the quality reporting app I need to do. I'd really appreciate it if someone can have a look and just tell me if I'm on the right track with the understanding of the camping concept.


...and Happy Easter!

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