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> Thank you for the detailed description!
> I have one question about the @state. Where does the method user_id come
> from? I've been going through the unabridged source and Camping::Session
> reference, but I guess I'm not proficient enough:)
> And what else can be also saved in the @state?
> regards
> seba

@state (and @input) is an instance of Camping::H. Camping::H is a Hash with
some sugar. You can use it like a regular Hash (it's actually a subclass of

  @state["user_id"] = 1
  @state["user_id"] # => 1

But it also supports method-like access:

  @state.user_id = 1
  @state.user_id # => 1

As long as it's not a method on Hash, you can use it as a getter/setter.

You can save anything that can be serialized using Marshal:

  Marshal.dump(123) # => "\x04\bi\x01{"
  Marshal.load("\x04\bi\x01{") # => 123


// Magnus Holm
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