Note: the error is caused by not having sqlite setup properly in windows
and I'm still struggeling:(

The app itself is fine.


2014-05-15 10:37 GMT+02:00 Sebastjan Hribar <>:

> Hi,
> I have problem running the app in windows. This is the app I've asked
> question about recently (the review app).
> It runs ok in my linux mint debian edition, but on windows it doesn't.
> First issue was with encoding. Even if I've set the meta charset it didn't
> work. Now I've also set the enocoding to the utf-8 in the .rb file itself
> and I don't get any more errors.
> But I do get this error:
>  Camping Problem! / not found
> And that's it. No other info. The app is exactly the same as the one
> running in LMDE.
> Could this issue be related to the campging.db? I can't find it on
> windows. Is it possible tha camping is denied the access to the folder
> where it should be created?
> regards,
> seba
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