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You're in territory I fear to tread. I've never done a cross-species registration myself, but in theory it's doable. Like you, I'm guessing the route from PALS_B12 to F99UA1 will be through Colin. If you search http://sumsdb.wustl.edu/sums/index.jsp for filename F99UA1 and file type deform_map, the most recent entries are from 2004 (probably the Denys and Orban papers), which used colin for the human target.

There are Colin <-> PALS_B12 deform_maps in sumsdb, so you could deform a file in two steps: Once from PALS to colin, then from colin to F99UA1. Once you get the deformation maps, then you can use Surface: Deformation: Apply Deformation Map on your borderproj file. You'll have to change the source and target directories, since they won't match your file system pathnames.

Flat registration shouldn't be required; in fact, registration shouldn't be required. It's just a matter of hunting down the right deform_map files in sumsdb; making sure you have all the F99UA1, Colin, and PALS_B12 files those deform_map files need; and applying them in the right polarity/sequence.

Give it a go on your own, and if you get stuck, let us know. David's the real cross-species expert (hope that doesn't come off wrong), but he's in Seattle and heads to Japan next week.

On 05/12/2006 10:48 AM, Terry Sewards wrote:


I've been trying to deform *.borderproj files from the PALS Atlas to the
Macaque Atlas (and vice versa), but I'm having trouble figuring out the
procedures involved.  Do I have to deform to the Colin atlas first, and how
is this done?  Does it require flat surface deformation, and if so is there
a goaround for the Windows version?  Thanks in advance.

Terry Sewards

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