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It sounds like you've actually created a new coord file -- an inflated version of a the colin SPM2 fiducial. So if you wanted to use this later, you'd need to save it as a separate coord file. Then you could use D/C: Scene to append a scene using this coord file, and then save the corresponding scene file.

In practice, unless your sole subject is Colin Holmes, I'd recommend using PALS_B12 as a mapping target instead of colin. And if there's a very good reason for sticking with colin, the existing inflated surfaces that come with the old colin atlas should work perfectly well as a visualization substrate, which is the typical usage for an inflated surface; one maps to the fiducial, but visualizes on the inflated. Did you have an alternative application for the inflated surface?

Just as it's possible to map on fiducial, render on inflated, it's possible to go the other way. For example, you can draw borders on the existing colin flat or inflated maps; project them; and then save them using the SPM2 reference fiducial, if you want your border points in MNI152.

On 01/26/2007 01:52 PM, Eugene Tunik wrote:
I'm new to caret. I've created an inflated surface using the
Colin-SPM2-L/R fiducial and would like to save this inflated surface for
future mapping of functionals data.

If I'm correct, it's simply a matter of File - save data file - save as
a "scene".

However, when reloading the spec file afterward, I don't see the
inflated scene that I created.

Please help...

Many thanks,

Eugene Tunik, PhD, PT
Dept. of Physical Therapy, NYU

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