Hi Caret-Gods...!

I have a question regarding Caret and monkey atlas. I apologize for the basic nature of these questions, but I am a newbie to Caret and that is all i have to say in my defense!!! We have T1 weighted 0.5 isotropic resolution anatomical images of monkey brain. The final aim is to be able to reconstruct surfaces as well as find the co-ordinates of points of interest w.r.t our stereotaxic coord system. We are working with the inter-aural stereotaxic system. Ideally, apart from viewing the surface , we will need stereotaxic coordinates to know exactly where the AP0 is, mediolateral coordinates etc. I have ,as per the Caret segmentation tutorial, segmented the volume and created the surfaces. But, the way i have done it, the volume has been centered at the AC (as per the tutorial instructions). What should I do to center it to the inter-aural origin? is there any caret documentation on this... if yes, could you please point me to them? Consequently what would be the next steps I should perform (perhaps registration?) to be able to read off the stereo-coords of interest as per my coordinate system? Please do point me to the appropriate tutorials/spec files that i may need.

Thanks in advance!!


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