The best source I know of for your questions is the CoCoMac database developed by Rolf Kotter and colleagues.


You have to get an account, but once you do, you can search for connections of any area of interest and then click on the area abbreviation to get a popup window showing the full name and reference. The results are:

TA: Temporal area TA
TE: Inferotemporal area TE
PA#1: Postcentral area PA
von Bonin, G; Bailey, P
The Neocortex of Macaca Mulatta

IPa: Intraparietal sulcus associated area in the superior temporal sulcus
TAa: Temporal area TAa
Seltzer, B; Pandya, DN 1978

Ts1: Area temporalis superior 1
Galaburda, AM; Pandya, DN
The intrinsic architectonic and connectional organization of the superior temporal region of the rhesus monkey

NeuroNames in BrainInfo (http://braininfo.rprc.washington.edu/) is another useful source of terminology information but doesn't yet have full entries for the ones you asked about.

David Van Essen

On Mar 22, 2007, at 12:27 PM, Hamied Haroon wrote:


I’m not a neuroanatomist, but I want to find the neuroanatomical names for the temporal areas in the F99UA1 macaque parcellated according to C:\Caret5\CARET_TUTORIAL_SEPT06\MACAQUE \Macaque.F99UA1.BOTH.LewisVE00+orig

Most of the abbreviations given in the associated paint colour key are listed explicitly in the “LVE00” reference paper (Lewis JW and Van Essen DC, J Comp Neurol, 428:112-37, 2000). Unfortunately the following abbreviations don’t appear to be given in full in this reference paper or in the other references cited (Seltzer B and Pandya DN, Brain Res, 149:1-24, 1978, and Cusick CG et al., J Comp Neurol, 360:513-35, 1995):






I would be very grateful if anyone could please let me know what these abbreviations are in full.

Many thanks in anticipation.



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