The script quoted in the post you linked specifically resamples the
surface, so if that is what you did, the output from it is the midthickness
in fs_LR32k.  Other surface types can be resampled the same way.  Caret5
will load .surf.gii files just fine, you don't need to convert back to
topo/coord (but you can, with caret_command -file-convert -sc ...).


On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 11:22 AM, Alexander Schäfer <>

> Dear List,
> A previous post
> (
> on this list helped me to successfully downsample my fs_LR164k
> (func.gii) data to fs_LR32k. Now, I have the problem that I only have
> the provided 32k sphere file to overlay the data onto. Is there some
> average fs_LR32k mesh (.coord, .topo for inflated, midthickness, etc)
> that could be shared by someone?
> Thank you,
> Alex Schaefer
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