Hi - I'm trying to run myelin mapping. I've processed my data with
FreeSurfer v5.3, applied freesurfer_to_fs_LR.sh, downloaded the Conte69
atlas, and followed all the steps outlined on
Caret:Operations/MyelinMapping. I obtained the L.MyelinMapping.metric,
R.MyelinMapping.metric, T1wDividedByT2w.nii.gz, and
T1wDividedByT2w_ribbon.nii.gz files for a single subject.

I'm running into problems when trying to view the myelin map using caret5.

I generated a spec file using

caret_command -spec-file-create subj1039 both Individual

But when I tried to load the MyelinMapping metrics I got an error
indicating that the MyelinMapping.metrics have a different number of nodes.

I've tried overlaying the myelin map on several surfaces, but I keep
getting the different number of nodes error.

I'm a new caret user and am at a loss for how to troubleshoot this.  I'd
appreciate any suggestions.

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