Dear all,

a while ago I managed to map my functional data with caret
onto the PALS-B12 template. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce
this anymore so I am hoping that somebody may be able to guide
me to figure out what goes wrong.

The steps that I take are:

1) Attributes -> Map volume(s) to surface. Here I select a .nii file which 
a functional volume and the PALS-B12 spec-file from a tutorial data set that I

2) I run the voxel-enclosing algorithm and after the mapping is completed I exit

3) I load the PALS-B12 spec-file from the tutorial data set. Then I go to
Display-Control and look under Volume Overlay/Underlay.

In the past I was able to select metric under primary overlay and could then
chose the .nii file containing the functional data, but this
menu point does not appear anymore.

Any help or suggestions on how to enable the metric option in the Overlay
would be greatly appreciated.


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