Dear users,

I just started working with Caret for creating myelin maps. I used HCP imaging 
protocols for data acquisition, both T1 and T2 data have the voxel size of 
0.7mm isotropic.
I followed the instructions in
Actually I managed to display the four outputs, but some parts of the maps are 
missing when overlaying on a surface(they’re not complete maps: either raw or 
corrected myelin maps).
Another problem is that I used the freesurfer to fs LR script to convert all my 
freesurfer files to the 164k_fs_LR mesh,
but when I try  to show the myelin maps on e.g. very-inflated 164k fs LR, It 
fails with the error of containing a different number of nodes than… .

I’d appreciate any help and instructions.

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