Hi Adnan,

I have run into those kinds of errors, and it can be very puzzling/frustrating.

A couple of common triggers:

* If you have a non-english character set installed on your computer/login, 
then this can sometimes cause read/write issues.  Removing the non-english 
character set sometimes makes the mapper happy (if not the user).

* A more subtle one is that if I have previously mapped a paint volume, and 
have the algorithm set to paint enclosing voxel, then I can have trouble 
mapping a metric volume later -- until I change the mapping algorithm to one of 
the other (non-paint) options.  The error message doesn't give you any hint 
that this is the problem, but I have seen metric errors like the one you report 
resolve under such circumstances.

Another thing worth trying, when the mapper is being a pain, is to see if the 
problem persists with the command line version: 

      caret_command -volume-map-to-surface  
      caret_command -volume-map-to-surface-pals  
      caret_command -volume-map-to-surface-roi-file  

Let us know if any of these helps.


On Jun 26, 2015, at 9:06 AM, Adnan Alahmadi <adnan.alahm...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Donna,
> I hope this email reaches to the mailing list as I am having problem 
> subscribing to it. 
> My question is regarding visualising a functional map onto the flattened 
> brain provided by Caret.
> The functional data that I have were analyses using spm 12.
> What I did is the following: I opened the spec file of the flattened brain I 
> think called BALS atlas. Then I selected map volume into atlas and followed 
> the described procedure by selecting the t map generated by spm.    
> Every time I do this it is either gives me an error related to that it needs 
> a metric or that the number of nodes are different. 
> I would really appreciate if you can guide me to the steps I need to do 
> regarding this issue.
> Kind regards
> Adnan

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