Could you elaborate on how you are using caret_command?

The Enable Medial Wall Override affects display, which is not applicable using 
caret_command, unless you are using -show-scenes, in which case you would 
select the medial wall paint column as an overlay on top of your functional 
overlay, in order to gray out the medial wall.  It gets more complicated if you 
want to exclude the medial wall from processing, but isn't too hard (search for 
"select" in the caret_command full help output).

On Aug 19, 2015, at 3:13 PM, "Yang, Daniel" <> wrote:

> Dear Caret Experts,
> In Paint Main, I can check “Enable Medial Wall Override” to gray out medial 
> wall. Is it possible to do so via caret_command?
> Many thanks!
> Daniel
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