Dear Rouhi,

thanks for the prompt response.

In fact, I did that already, but the Freesurfer oversample the image to 1 mm. 

I had two problems. In one attempt, when I use mri_vol2surf to create my 
labels/annotation files from AAL.nii my subcortical regions Pallidum and 
Hippocampus disappeared.

Later on I solved this problem, and I did the rendering, showing all 90 ROI 
colorful, but a few vertexes are empty, and therefore black on the top of the 

I was wondering if there is somewhere a surface file for the Colin27 brain but 
sampled on 2mm MNI152, because my AAL volume is MNI152 2mm.

Or maybe I could do the recon-all from Freesurfer on Colin27 T1 image but 
WITHOUT changing the dimensionality. I mean, without registration and spatial 
normalization to another space.

Maybe I am doing something wrong. But so far I had the plots, but with these 
two drawbacks.

Do you know for instance a way to load the "spec" file from Colin from Caret on 

thanks for the help,

João V. Dornas

> On Mar 21, 2016, at 17:36, Rouhollah Abdollahi <> wrote:
> Dear Joao, 
> The simple way is to do the segmentation with the Colin27 brain that will 
> create all the surfaces in Freesurfer. The following link is the Colin27 
> brain:
> and if you know freesurfer do the recon-all then you have all surfaces that 
> you want.
> Best regards
> Rouhi
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>> On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 4:51 PM, João V. Dornas <> wrote:
>> Dear Friends,
>> I need a surface compatible with AAL volume with the dimensions from MNI152 
>> 2mm (91x109x91).
>> I learned that Caret has the “spec” files from Colin27, which was the brain 
>> reference for AAL.
>> Does someone knows a straightforward way to load this surface on FreeView 
>> from FreeSurfer ?
>> Thanks for the help,
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