Dear Dong,

>From what I know the ‘inter-atlas_deformation_maps’ transforming fsaverage(
num vertices: 163842) to PALS (84K) or CONTE69(164K). From what I
see fsaverage5: (num vertices: 10242) has less vertices which I think it is
not possible to use those transformation files. Donna or David may suggest
a solution.
My solution would be to regenerate everything on fsaverage then transform
them to caret Conte69 space.


Best Regards
Rouhollah Abdollahi

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On Tue, Jul 5, 2016 at 4:37 AM, Dong Haoming <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>          I am a newcomer to the caret and have some questions about the
> transformation from Freesurfer files to the caret files. I have some fmri
> maps processed by Freesurfer and try to transform them to the caret space.
> I have found some previous mails about this issue:
> it is mentioned that the ‘inter-atlas_deformation_maps’ required for the
> transformation. However, I can’t access the SumsDB database, is there any
> solution to download these files? Besides, my fmri maps were generated in
> fsaverage5 space, is there a deformation map for the fsaverage5
> transformation?
> Many thanks!
> Dong
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