> I've been holding off on trying the snapshots so far, due mostly to other 
> things on my plate, but also because I'm waiting for 4.3.x and MFA to get a 
> little closer, as we want that, too. I sorta kinda get the overlays and 
> stuff, and even some coding, in that I managed to figure out how to build 
> an MFA module for our two-factor solution (Swivel PINsafe) using CAS 3.6 
> and the Unicon plug-in. 
> *[>] Is that something you could sharer with us? Is the code/config up on 
> Github somewhere? Wondering if that’s something we could include in CAS as 
> an MFA option, but I don’t know how popular it is. Admitted, first time I 
> hear about them :)*

Unfortunately it's not in Github. But give me a few days to clean it up and 
I can send you a tarball or something. It's not one of the most popular 
systems, although the company has been around for quite some time. We like 
it because it has a variety of implementation options all with the same 
product, to provide different levels of trade-off between security and 


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