How do you disable the InMemoryServiceRegistry for the management console 
5.0? I added the same JPA configuration used by CAS 5.0 and it's not 

2016-09-21 15:43:28,822 DEBUG 
[] - <Loading services 
from InMemoryServiceRegistryDaoImpl>
2016-09-21 15:43:28,822 DEBUG 
[] - <Adding registered 
service ^(https|imaps)://.*>
2016-09-21 15:43:28,822 DEBUG 
[] - <Adding registered 
service ^>
2016-09-21 15:43:28,824 INFO 
[] - <Loaded 2 services 
from InMemoryServiceRegistryDaoImpl.>
21-Sep-2016 15:43:36.188 INFO [localhost-startStop-3] 
org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployWAR Deployment of web 
application archive 
has finished in 32,533 ms


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