We're seeing the following errors with our RC4 regression tests. Initially,
after starting or reloading CAS, /serviceValidate and samlValidate succeed.

Shortly thereafter however, they fail subsequent runs of the same tests.
The failures appear to occur when the the app is accessed via SSO. An ST
is granted to the app, and it looks like it is successfully validated in
the logs, but the app gets back "Ticket not recognized" responses.

It looks like it may be trying to enforce a renew on the *Validate even
when it's not specified as a parameter?


DEBUG [org.apereo.cas.CentralAuthenticationServiceImpl] - <Publishing 
DEBUG [org.apereo.cas.CentralAuthenticationServiceImpl] - <Publishing 
DEBUG [org.apereo.cas.validation.Cas20WithoutProxyingValidationSpecification] - 
<Number of chained authentications in the assertion 1>
WARN [org.apereo.cas.validation.Cas20WithoutProxyingValidationSpecification] - 
<Cas20WithoutProxyingValidationSpecification is to enforce the [renew] CAS 
protocol behavior, yet the assertion is not issued from a new login>
WARN [org.apereo.cas.web.ServiceValidateController] - <Service ticket 
[ST-46-uItdXfm5YblKsGwcCMfB-cas] does not satisfy validation specification.>

Baron Fujimoto <ba...@hawaii.edu> :: UH Information Technology Services
minutas cantorum, minutas balorum, minutas carboratum desendus pantorum

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