Hi there, 

I am a little confused on SAML support on CAS 4.1.x.  It maybe my 
understanding of SAML is very beginning, too.

I have viewed CAS as an Enterprise SSO solution, rather than a Federated 
SSO solution (across enterprises). But, I hear different things about SAML 
support in CAS. 

CAS 4.1.x doc says:  The CAS server implements the CAS protocol on server 
side and may even behave like .... SAML IdP.    How does CAS 4.1.X behave 
like  SAML IdP?  

The doc says that CAS supports the standardized SAML 1.1 protocol primarily 
to:  1)Support a method of attribute release  2) Single Logout.  It seems 
suggesting that it does _not_ act like SAML IdP?

The doc. also says that CAS can serve as the authentication provider for 
Shibboleth.   If CAS 4.1.X can behave like SAML IdP, why would it need 


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