I'm very confused as to how to do attribute lookup with CAS 5.

In the actual service entry I have the return all attributes policy, so that shouldn't be hanging me up.

I am doing AD / LDAP authentication, and it's also where my attributes are at.

I don't see how


does anything, because if I add another attribute there, nothing happens.

I don't see cas.authn.attributeRepository.ldap group of entries doing anything.

I also don't see cas.authn.ldap[0].additionalAttributes doing much.

If I set cas.authn.ldap[0].principalAttributeList to have more attributes, it appears to work. But it's also including uid, which isn't in my list. Is that because of the entry above?

Do I even need to have the cas.authn.attributeRepository.ldap section?

I know it's an RC and that the documentation isn't complete, but it feels like something is missing. Feels odd to be doing it in the authn area instead of the ldap entries under attributeRepository.



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