Hello all,

I'm quite confused by the CAS 5 documentation :

I'm reading that I can change the principal resolver only with the 
configuration properties.

For example, change the default LDAP resolver (for the LDAP authentication 
handler) by a JDBC resolver.
I've tested that but the default LDAP resolver stays and the SQL is not 
even queried.
The JDBC internal DAO must be built though because as soon as I put some 
JDBC attribute repo stuff on the config, the app needs for the hssqldb 
dependency on the launch.

The part of the documentation that makes me think it's possible is :

> *Principal Resolution*In the event that a separate resolver is put into 
> place, control how the final principal should be constructed by default.
# cas.personDirectory.principalAttribute=
# cas.personDirectory.returnNull=false

But I don't see how here... I'm puzzled.

Any help, even hint will be greatly appreciated :)

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