I'm attempting to enable credential release using ClearPass configuration 
as described in the documentation 

The *Create Keys *section of this page results in the creation of 4 files:

   - private.key
   - public.key
   - private.p8
   - x509.pem

How is the x509.pem file expected to be used in this process?
I suspect that the certificate request is intended to be sent to a CA for 
signing but once that happens, how would the resulting certificate be used?

I was able to configure my application to successfully receive the user 
credential attribute by providing *public.key* to the CAS server.  I'm 
guessing that this is what is meant by the reference to 
"classpath:RSA1024Public.key" in the *Register Service *section.
I was also able to decrypt the encrypted credential attribute by loading 
the private.p8 file with an instance of PKCS8EncodedKeySpec to generate the 
private key from it.

With this functioning correctly, I am puzzled by the purpose of the 
x509.pem file.  Is there some way to configure the service to read the 
public key from a signed unexpired certificate file?

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