Is the following structure correct

 | ------overlays/org.ap.....tomcat-5.2.2

when I run from c:\cas-overlaytemplate/

java -jar target\cas.war

it is not picking up the in the etc\ directory

>From what I have read the fall back is to that directory 
Even If I add

C:\dev\git-3rdparty-repos\cas-overlay-template>java -jar target/cas.war 
C:\dev\git-3rdparty-repos\cas-overlay-template>java -jar target/cas.war 

If I go into the target directory and add my configurations into the and run the 'maven package'

I then Run

cas-overlay-template>java -jar target/cas.war

the application picks up the properties??
This then feeds me into my next series of problems


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