I am having a double login issue with Moodle and CAS (v4.0.1). You can 
reproduce the error by logging out of moodle, and try to immediately login 
back. The first login does nothing, and you are prompted for a login page 
again. The scenario and resolution  was also described in this blog post 
in https://www.unicon.net/about/blogs/moodles-race-with-cas-server . I 
tried the solution but I am getting errors "Invalid property 
'serviceManagerUrl' of bean class 
[org.jasig.cas.web.flow.TerminateWebSessionListener]: Bean property 
'serviceManagerUrl' is not writable or has an invalid setter method." Maybe 
because the resolution was written for CAS 3.5. 

Does anyone know what should be the solution for CAS 4 ? 

Mahmudul Hasan 
University of Lethbridge

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