I can't seem to make heads or tailed of getting CAS to talk to LDAP

I know my LDAP is working because using the following command, I can see 
all LDAP entries:

ldapsearch -x -h alpha.beta.gamma -D user@beta.gamma -W -b 

My assumption is that since these credentials are being accepted by LDAP, I 
just have to configure CAS to use them. Is this correct?

So far, my cas.properties contains the following:

cas.authn.ldap[0].order: 0
cas.authn.ldap[0].name: LDAP
cas.authn.ldap[0].type: AD
cas.authn.ldap[0].ldapUrl: ldap://alpha.beta.gamma:389
cas.authn.ldap[0].baseDn: dc=di2e,dc=civ

This is not working as I get a ton of errors saying that CAS has not 
connected to LDAP.

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