We have a mod_auth_cas installation where the CAS server on the other
end is sending us XML attributes in their response.  I don't have any
details on their CAS server version.  What I do know is that we are
using the serviceValidate url for validation.  The CAS server, in
question, does NOT have a samlValidate url option for us.

When a user authenticates to our application, we get a validation 
response from their CAS server that looks like this:

[Thu Feb 22 14:41:23.833837 2018] [:debug] [pid 21153]
mod_auth_cas.c(1838): [client] Validation response:
- John Doe
- Staff
- Doe
- Student Affairs
- John

As long as we use require valid-user, everything is fine, and users gain
access to the application.

My question, can mod_auth_cas work with these XML attributes
for authorization control, without having access to a samlValidate url
option?  For example, we would like to instruct Apache to limit access
to those users who have "Staff" in the the "<campusstatus>" element.


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