Our annual contract with Unicon is going to renew here in a bit, and we have a 
bunch of unused consulting hours which are for features and whatnot. I'm sure 
if they're not cool with this I'll get told shortly but here's what I'm 
proposing ..

I'll bet there's a couple others in the same boat .. since you can't roll it .. 
might as well donate it.

If there's a feature that everybody thinks would be neat, or some similar such 
thing that we don't need but would collectively benefit (which happens 
regardless, eventually .. if you've read the contract) .. we propose ..

Come up with something, we'll donate our hours remaining (40 something?) to it 
.. we get new block next year anyway. If that covers it, great .. if not, 
perhaps others will agree with the idea and it'll get done collectively. But as 
long as Unicon is cool with this we're game. Yay open source, etc.

Suggestions? Needs to be well-scoped though, so if you've thought it through 
but couldn't get funding, here's your chance.

Michael Holstein CISSP
Mgr. Network & Data Security
Cleveland State University

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