We are trying to configure our Workday Preview tenant to authenticate via 
SAML2 to a CAS 5.2.2 IdP. 

In the management webapp, we have defined a "SAML2 Service Provider" 
service. The EntityID is set to:


which matches the EntityID in the SP's metadata.  When we try to log in to 
Workday, we receive this error from the Workday side:

Invalid Audience in SAML token: URL should start with 
http://www.workday.com, or end with /xxxxx/login-saml.htmld

The string they're saying it should end with is the tenant name ("xxxxx") 
and the name of the web page (login-saml.htmld) that is listed in the 
metadata as the AssertionConsumerService. However, CAS is sending back the 
EntityID as the audience:

        <saml2:Conditions NotBefore="2018-03-13T16:39:12.776Z" 

which appears to be correct behavior in the normal (non-Workday) world.

On our old CAS 3.5.x/Shibboleth 2.4.0 setup (which the same Workday tenant 
works successfully with), we had to add a line in the relying party profile 
configuration (in relying-party.xml) to address this:


which results in the SAML2 response sent back to Workday containing two 

      <saml2:Conditions NotBefore="2018-03-13T13:44:01.503Z" 

However, I don't see any way to perform the equivalent, either through the 
management webapp's user interface or by editing the service registry 
manually. And I don't see anything in the documentation or searching the 
code on GitHub.

We are NOT using the cas-server-support-saml-sp-integrations dependency.... 
should we be?

Does anyone have CAS 5.2.x SAML IdP working with Workday, especially a 
sandbox/implementation/preview tenant?

Any ideas (even crazy ones) gladly accepted...


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