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> Hello Team,
> I have multiple CAS client (mod_auth_cas) connected to a load balancer. My
> problem is mod_auth_cas ask CASCOOKIEPATH to set to store the user
> information locally.
> I am planning to use NFS for the same but I feel there will be a delay in
> reading/writing the cookie information and have a feeling it is not safe to
> have this solution in production environment.

I'd be wary of this as well.

> Can we have a redis mechanism to store the mod_auth_cas cookie information?
> Do we already have it?

mod_auth_cas only stores cookies on the local file system. Development
work is necessary to support any other storage.

If it was me, I'd store the cookies in a RAM disk (someone mentioned
that in this thread), set the sticky bit on my LB, and call it a day.

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