I was totally thinking about posting a complain about the doc. I spent 
hours a year ago to understand how to setup the soft. I am deploying the 
latest version now and while I forgot a lot about what I did and what I 
got, I also see that it grew. 

We can easily get "you want to do that, compile the module and add the 
settings". And I'd like to congratulate CAS developers to move from XML 
Land to a readable property file. But it's also true that the thousands 
lines long config page mixes everything in a messy way. You may not see the 
sentence with a link to extended explanations and get lost.

You may use resources to make the project more attractive by giving a good 
doc. The payed solution should be an engeneering assistance, not a "hey we 
develop it for free but the doc is so odd that you may not successfully 
deploy it on your own". Look at Docker, opensource, easy, clear, and then 
they add paid improvments for enterprise class services. They a

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