Given the warning on

I believe the REST X509 authentication is completely useless in a 
production environment.  It expects a POST with the cert=<certificate 
bytes>.  This doesn't validate the public/private key handshake that the 
certificate is actually provided.

I'd argue that the cas-server-support-rest-x509 should be removed as even a 

The right answer, IMO, would be to modify the 
RestHttpRequestCredentialFactory to have a fromRequest(HttpServletRequest 
request).  This would allow the X509RestHttpRequestCredentialFactory to 
pull the javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate from the request attribute, 
which would evaluate the public/private key handshake.

I'd like to submit a Pull Request for this change.  Any concerns I should 
be aware of?  I'd also like to backport it to 5.3.x at least (as I assume 
6.0's GA is still a ways off).

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