Hi Baron,

> ... shared session mechanism ...
I agree with Travis, without shared session some function (e.g. OAuth, 
pac4j...) of CAS might not work properly.

To verified that shared session might or might not be a problem, *try 
minimize your cluster to only a single node*, if that worked, then it will 
likely be the problem of shared session.

> Debug log
The problem is definitely not in [/oauth2.0/callbackAuthorize], it is in 
the validation of CAS ticket. Other might have a better idea, I am not too 
familiar with CAS ticket and how that is validated.

> while we have medium to longer term plans to upgrade to 5.3, upgrading 
from 5.0 is not an option in the short term
Well if you have a development environment, then it might worth your time 
to check it out, if all the other methods failed that is.

- Andy

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