The problem is due to the chicken and egg issue.  I need to prepopulate the, so the service can start up and work (without human 
intervention).  I'm trying my best to avoid having to start a service, 
parse the logs, and modify config, then restart the service.  The 
documentation seems very light on these keys.

On Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 10:03:02 AM UTC-4, William E. wrote:
> +1
> I ended up grabbing values from the cas startup logs and setting in my 
>  Seems to work.
> On Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 3:34:32 PM UTC-5, Curtis Ruck wrote:
>> So i'm trying to automate the generation and persistence of the 
>> cas.tgc.crypto and cas.webflow.crypto encryption and signing keys.
>> I'm using the jwk-gen.jar, and when i store the key in, i 
>> end up with "Invalid AES key length: 43 bytes" when trying to access the 
>> login page.
>> If I let CAS generate a key, its the same exact string length (43 bytes). 
>> What is different between my key versus cas's generated keys? Then i'm 
>> extracting the k value from the json, and inserting it into my 
>> java -jar jwk-gen.jar -t oct 256 -o tgc-enc.jwks
>> java -jar jwk-gen.jar -t oct 512 -o tgc-sig.jwks
>> java -jar jwk-gen.jar -t oct 256 -o webflow-enc.jwks
>> java -jar jwk-gen.jar -t oct 512 -o webflow-sig.jwks

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