Hi group,

since I am not sure where to better report a bug, I am doing it here. I am 
also looking for advice if the pac4j issue tracker might be a better place 
to report.

We are using CAS Server 6.1.5 to federate the customer login to several of 
our services via OpenID Connect.

It came to our attention that if a yet unauthenticated user opens several 
services at once in different windows/tabs of the same browser. Only the 
first authentication process attempted will succeed. Submission of a second 
still open login form will result in the display of the error message 
"Error: No message available".

In the first submission of the credentials the POST to /cas/login will send 
a redirect (302) to 
/cas/oauth2.0/callbackAuthorize which in turn will redirect to 
/cas/oidc/authorize which will finally redirect to the service.

In the second submission of the credentials the POST will also send a 
redirect to 
/cas/oauth2.0/callbackAuthorize, which will use and invalidate the issued 
service ticket and send a redirect to 
/cas/oauth2.0/callbackAuthorize again (NOT to 
/cas/oidc/authorize). On the second call of 
/cas/oauth2.0/callbackAuthorize the supplied ticket is already invalidated 
and gives rise to a org.apereo.cas.ticket.InvalidTicketException and in 
turn to the 
"Error: No message available" error presented to the user.

I tried changing cas.authn.oauth.replicateSessions to true, which resulted 
in no change to the problem.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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