Dear all,


I am a technical research fellow at INFN sezione di Roma, I am experiencing 
strange issue using roach + *mkid DAC/ADC board* 


Basically, after a “cold” startup the DAC does not generate the correct 
sinusoid but either nothing or something senseless. I have a bit of 
hardware background especially in serial chip-to-chip buses, I think it is 
a problem due to the SPI DAC configuration bus that should be tied to 
Virtex-6. In fact, if I “touch” the SPI connector on the DAC/ADC board the 
DAC starts to output the correct signal. 


Since no pcore is connected to these pin (and matlab prompt a warning while 
compiling using casper_xps toolchain) I think this strange behavior is 
caused by the undriven pin (at least the spi_resetn) on Virtex side. 


Can you confirm that these pins are undriven in the last update of the 
yellow block present in the casper mlib_devel ? There is any block in the 
casper xps_base or xps_library I can use to interface the PPC with the SPI? 
Do I need to design this block from scratch? 


Can you help me on this?


Thank you in advance.    



                Paolo Fresch

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