Hi CASPER folk,

I'm in the midst of buying lots of 10/40GbE transceivers for HERA, and
thought I'd throw out some names of suppliers who we use / made attractive

Fiberstore (fs.com) has been our go-to for a while for optics purchases,
and we've had good luck (admittedly with some early teething problems*)
getting transceivers spec'd to work with Arista / Mellanox hardware.

Approved Optics (http://www.approvedoptics.com/) is a US-based transceiver
supplier who (despite online pricing close to branded levels) came in
pretty close to fiberstore levels in recent quotes. They may be worth
looking into if you like the sound of US-based support / lifetime
guarantees, etc.

All of this is a segue to saying: If you have found vendors/models of
switches / optics / other CASPER-relevant stuff that you thing might be of
community interest, let me know. I'm going to try and resurrect the now
long-defunct recommended hardware list.


* Nothing that couldn't be solved with a custom QSFP reprogramming station
-- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1i5EBuY3VJsGKn7LLNpAoZi9NJ2iAMKPz

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