Dear Casperite:

We have been deployed a 7(actually 8) antenna packetized correlator on
Mauna Loa Hawaii. Running at 2.24GHz clock, that means 8.96 G bits per
second for each 10G ethernet. The packet size is 2K. There are 8 sets of
ROACH2 as F engines, the other 8 sets of ROACH2 as X engines. Data packets
from F to X looks fine, the problem of lost packets is the integration data
from X engine to the computer. The 10G yellow blocks in X engines handle
the incoming data packets from F engine at the data rate of 8.96 Gbps, and
output the integration data to PC, the outgoing data rate depends on the
integration time, usually it is longer than 0.5 second. The syndrome is
that packets lost happened by specific X engines after 10,20 minutes or
couple of hours. Once it happened, we reset all the 10G yellow blocks in F
and X, then the system revived.

I have no idea about the 10G ethernet yellow block. Any comments of
suggestions are highly welcome.

homin jiang

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