Well, I respectfully submit that the purpose of a digest is so people can 
archive the mailing list themselves in their e-mail systems, one digest per 
day.  An RSS feed does not easily allow this, and for a busy list like this 
one, a subscriber might receive many messages per day, the number of which 
could rapidly increase into the thousands in the inbox.  Filtering these many 
messages into a folder, as you suggest, will more than likely mean that for me 
they will never get looked at at all, as I receive many, many emails that 
require my attention every day.

I use Outlook for my corporate mail system and I know your opinion of the way 
it works Matt.  I like to keep up with Catalyst as much as possible but not 
enough to have to monitor an RSS feed or thousands of individual e-mails in my 
business mailbox. I have an alternate suggestion.  Re-enable digests for those 
who subscribe to the traditional function of a "mailing list" and don't want to 
be flooded by individual e-mails, and revoke and block the subscriptions of 
those who subscribe but don't know how to respond properly and spam the list by 
responding improperly to the digest.

I have already unsubscribed from the Catalyst list for my personal mail box, 
which collects on a somewhat limited portable micro drive.  If I can't get a 
digest I guess I will have to unsubscribe from the list from my corporate mail 
box as well, as I don't want to awkwardly manage thousands of individual 
e-mails.  While I can make some time to scan the subjects of the digest when it 
comes into my mailbox during my work day, I'm afraid I will not have time to 
monitor yet another RSS feed, so it will be so long Catalyst info.  Too bad for 
me, I guess.

Interestingly, I will continue to subscribe to the DBIx-Class list, as the 
digest for that has NOT been turned off as of yet.  Are the subscribers to that 
list just more intelligent?

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On Fri, Jan 11, 2008 at 09:52:58AM -0500, Lampert, Hugh wrote:
> Up until this week I was receiving the Catalyst list e-mails in digest form.  
> This week I'm getting individual e-mails.  When I checked the list server 
> options it told me digest mode had been disabled by the administrator.  It's 
> hard for me to process multiple individual e-mails from the Catalyst list 
> along with my other e-mail; is there any way digest mode could be re-enabled?


People consistently sign up to digests and then reply to them, spamming the 
list with a day's worth of messages for a second time and blowing away any hope 
of threading.

You can get a feed from

http://grokbase.com/group/[EMAIL PROTECTED]

(which being a Catalyst-powered site is probably going to archive this list 
pretty much indefinitely :)

or you can configure your mail setup to siphon the messages off into a folder. 
Both approaches will give you all the advantages of digests without leaving us 
with the traffic/noise disadvantages.

A mailing list lives and dies by the quality of its postings (and for every one 
digest user there are dozens more people searching the archives), so disabling 
digests was a conscious choice to optimise for signal/noise ratio.

If you don't have a useful mail client and don't want to take a feed, I have a 
(somewhat hacky) script I use to handle sorting that needs nothing but an IMAP 
connection to talk down (and some perl :); I'll send a copy on request.

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